About us


AMICHEM – Italian Chemistry for Better Leather

In 2010, a team of Italian professionals founded Amichem: a company whose mission is to supply tanneries with manufacturing techniques and high-end products in order to get the best results from the leather to be processed.

AMICHEM employees provide all their clients with their experience gained with years of work in the chemistry field applied to leather materials

AMICHEM’s main mission is to provide their clients with excellent quality products with consistent performance and characteristics, which allow tannings to process leather with high awareness of the end result.



  • highly professional consultancy, which allows analysis of both the tanning’s practical physical/chemical needs and the needs of the fashion design industry which will use their client’s leather
  • a wide range of high-end chemical products able to meet their customer needs
  • great care in product packaging, all ISO 9001 certified, delivered all over the world

AMICHEM is aimed at the following companies and professionals who:

  • have technical problems in processing leather
  • wish to improve the quality of the treated leather
  • work or wish to work with leather and particularly innovative treatments
  • are looking for a competent, precise and punctual supplier who can meet deadlines and provide innovative solutions

For any problems you may have with your leather, AMICHEM is the right solution for you. You can contact us by clicking on the link here

AMICHEM products is currently in Xinji in China, in Novo Hamburgo in Brasil, in Buenos Aires in Argentina, in Turkey, in Taiwan, in Dhaka in Bangladesh, in Hong Kong and in India.

AMICHEM will be taking part in the following fairs: