How we work


AMICHEM – Research, Development and Production Made in Italy for Tannings Worldwide

AMICHEM include a Research and Development Department, some laboratories and a production plant which are located in Northwest Italy close to the city of Turin.

AMICHEM’s Commercial Department is located close to Milan, near the location of Linea Pelle and Malpensa airport.

AMICHEM’s key to success is in its research and development of flexible solutions, specifically tailored to meet the requirements and needs of their customers.

The analysis is done on leather samples provided by the customer and the most suitable formula is then developed according to the desired results.

AMICHEM have high quality products and the formulas guarantee consistent outcomes even in future supplies.

Thanks to the Italian experience in fast fashion and tailor-made clothing, AMICHEM focuses on allowing their clients to easily work their leather in order to obtain a finished product which uses very high quality materials and is of great design.


 aim at the following companies and professionals who:

  • have technical problems in processing leather and wish to improve the quality of their finished product
  • wish to produce particularly innovative leather

AMICHEM place great attention to the preparation, transportation and delivery phases of the product.

The pallets are very well cared for and organized: the material is well wrapped and protected by a covering because an excellent product is believed to need an equally outstanding packaging.

For any problems you may have with your leather, AMICHEM is the right solution for you. You can contact us by clicking on the link here